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Operated by Ataköy Marina Yat İşletmeleri A.Ş. and located on the southern end of the Bosporus Strait, Ataköy Marina is a gate to mysterious and modern Istanbul, representing two very different histories and cultures on its Asian and European sides.

Ataköy Marina is the first marina in Turkey to have received the “Five Gold Anchors” Award from The Yacht Harbor Association Ltd. Ataköy Marina was also recognized with a Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

The Sheraton İstanbul Ataköy Hotel, the Ataköy Marina Hotel, the Sports International sport complex, and Turkey’s first shopping mall, Galleria, are all set beside Ataköy Marina, which is located in the Ataköy Tourism Complex, one of Turkey’s biggest projects.

Ataköy Marina is located along Istanbul’s European shore, where the city meets the Sea of Marmara, and thus enjoys a distinctly ideal position far from İstanbul’s hustle and bustle. Located only 7 km from Ataturk Airport, Ataköy Marina is among the first sights seen by tourists.

Location and technical means

One of Turkey’s most unique projects and operating on 144,000-square meter areas, Ataköy Marina features a dry dock with a 12-boat capacity.

Ataköy Marina offers services with its 40-ton travelift and a technical team with more than 25 years of experience. The Marina is a natural port of call for yachts visiting İstanbul, particularly those from Black Sea countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia; it is considered the most optimal marina in which to pass the winter season. Ataköy Marina’s Boat Maintenance and Repair unit is an ideal option for short- or long-term stays, with a safe mooring pontoon and pier, 24-hour security, cleaning and internet services.

Ataköy Marina hosts social, cultural and sports activities for members, as well as offering a Yacht Club Social Services Building Auditorium, the perfect locale for yacht tourism-related seminars, conferences and competitions.

The Club Local (private enterprise) located at the Marina’s main pier draws attention from both members and guests as an exclusive dining experience with a magnificent sea view and interior design. The Local serves drinks and features a patisserie, as well as an a-la-carte dinner service Transforming special days into unforgettable memories with events organized for its members, it also serves as the perfect spot for poolside dining, presenting great tastes in a unique atmosphere.

Marina Park Brings a New Life Space to the Region

Operated by Ataköy Marina Yat İşletmeleri A.Ş., Ataköy Marina Park delivers a new perspective to the shopping experience with a dedicated retail and entertainment area featuring famous cafes, restaurants, and boutiques with textiles and other renowned brands. As an exciting meeting point for shopping and entertainment, Marina Park is also becoming recognized as the new prestigious address of the business community. Bringing a fresh outlook to the region with simple, modern and harmonious architecture, Ataköy Marina Park presents İstanbul’s unique beauty to its visitors.

Countdown Begins for Turkey’s first Mega Yacht Marina

With a capacity for 211 mega yachts, the Mega Yacht Marina in Ataköy is making Turkey into a destination for yacht tourism.

The countdown has begun for the Mega Yacht Marina, located in the İstanbul Tourism Center and hosting 200-meter yachts. Expected to take İstanbul to an entirely different level from its competition in the tourism industry, the İstanbul Tourism Center is preparing to take its place among the world’s giant projects with an investment worth USD 1.5 billion. Carried out by DATİ Holding, the İstanbul Tourism Center will provide unparalleled convenience to residents and guests with its social spaces, transportation alternatives, accommodation, shopping and entertainment centers.

The Mega Yacht Marina is transforming İstanbul into an increasingly important destination for yacht tourism, meeting the city’s and the region’s requirements. The Mega Yacht Marina will make it possible to moor approximately 211 mega yachts in İstanbul simultaneously, as well as offering central maintenance and repair operations together thanks to a 200-ton travelift (enabling accommodation on land), the acquisition of 800-ampere electricity from the coast and yachtsman warehouses.

A new historic and natural experience…

As a cradle of civilizations, İstanbul promises unforgettable moments — especially for yachtsmen — with its fantastic natural landscape, history, culture, open sea and spectacular sunsets. Upon the completion of the Mega Yacht Marina, one will be able to savor the pleasure of traveling through the histories of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires while sailing between İstanbul’s impressive forts, walls, palaces and mosques.

It is possible to reach the Marina, operating on a 24-hour basis, by taking a breathtaking Bosporus cruise and passing under the two bridges which connect Asia and Europe, or meandering around bays and gulfs and the historic peninsula lined with mosques.

Entertainment and lifestyle centers will be set next to the Mega Yacht Marina. Visitors will gain a fresh perspective on their shopping habits due to its incredible seafront location and architecture surrounded by greenery, with its hotels and a retail street that features the world’s best known, high-end brands. The İstanbul Tourism Center will become İstanbul’s — and the wider region’s –new meeting point, introducing world-class shows, concerts and theater plays to İstanbul in multi-purpose, high-tech, state-of-the-art performance and cultural centers.

Turkey’s first and only Mega Yacht Marina is rising in Atakoy

Right next to the mega yacht marina, there will be a convention center,movie theaters, performance arts centers, sports facilities, restaurants, cafes and hotels. The shopping street,with its famous brands, will bring a fresh breath of air for our visitors’ shopping habits.

Residences stand out with their warm and cozy decorations, panoramic sea and marina views, displaying a magnificent panorama of Istanbul and the Prince Islands. At the same time, the offices bring prestige and comfort for business life.



Atakoy Mega Yacht Marina fills an important gap in Turkey’s tourism infrastructure by transforming the city into a coveted location for yacht tourism.

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